Don't Give up, Victory Is Around the Corner



James Key’s dynamic, down-to-earth and high energy style of speaking inspires audiences to reach beyond their limitations and soar to new heights. Over the last twenty years, James has expanded his role from preacher, teacher, and keynote speaker to developing the kind of workshop learning atmosphere that encourages personal-and-professional development. His captivating personality, sense of humor and compassion has inspired many people to step outside of their comfort zone, discover their purpose in life and achieve success.

His background as a Sales Representative for Johnson and Johnson Baby Company, Congressional Staffer for the U.S. House of Representatives, Executive Director of Sojourners Neighborhood Center, Adjunct College Instructor, Pastor, U.S. Army Chaplain, frequent Columnist for USA Today, theological education and his own life experience has given him the necessary knowledge needed to educate and train today’s generation to be committed leaders and achievers.

A major set-back to place at birth when the doctor told his parents: “Because your baby was born prematurely and weighs only 2.5 pounds the next 48 hours will be touch-and-go.” As a result, his grandmothers went into the proverbial prayer closet and prayed for a miracle and the Lord delivered. This experience taught” baby James” how to be a survivor and as time has progressed it has helped him endure the troubled waters of life.

Today, James has delivered inspiring presentations that connect deeply with people from all walks of life throughout the U.S. and abroad in places like Brazil, Japan, Korea, Kuwait and Iraq. No doubt, your organization will be pleased by James Key’s powerful words and his high-impact customized message and standing ovation performance!

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